Profiles of Grady Grit

Profiles of Grady Grit, a series featuring interviews with three graduating seniors, describe tenacity, accomplishment and honors for these determined students.

The written, video and audio interviews profile the following students:

Noelle Lashley, a journalism student, was selected as the senior speaker at the Grady Convocation. Lashley has been active in Grady Newsource, Cox Mobile News Lab and “The Lead” podcast, as well as serving as a Grady ambassador.

Lashley’s video interview talks about her interest in pursuing a career as a multi-media journalist, while her audio interview features her job as co-host of “The Lead” podcast.

Mollie Simon, a journalism student, was named the Abney Award recipient, the highest academic honor at Grady College. During her time at UGA, Simon has also been a Foundation Fellow, traveled to South Korea and Tanzania and worked as an investigative reporter and archivist for the Red & Black.

Simon’s video interview covers work toward a Certificate in New Media and her experience on the Peabody Student Honor Board. Her audio interview covers some of the internships she has had and her advice to students starting an internship.

Ada Spratlin, a journalism student, has spent her time channeling her own challenges to help others through work with the Destination Dawgs program, an internship with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and working as a patient care advocate at Hanger, Inc., a specialist in prosthetics.

In Spratlin’s audio interview, she talks about her work with Hanger, Inc. and where she finds her inner strength, while her audio interview features her accomplishments earning a Certificate of Disability Studies.