Richer solutions journalism through multi-semiotic news storytelling

Kyser Lough. “Richer solutions journalism through multi-semiotic news storytelling,” extended abstract accepted for presentation at the 19 Oct 2022 ECREA pre-conference: Constructive Journalism: Where are we now and what are the ways to a better future?, Aarhus Denmark.

Abstract: Today’s news stories rarely resemble what one might find in the news of 100 years ago. Instead of reading a text-heavy story printed in the newspaper, a reader now has a world of still images, video, animation, data visualization and audio to help bring them deeper into the story. Each aspect of this multisemiotic news storytelling (Caple, 2013) offers sensory engagement and a unique contribution to the social construction of the story. My study will deconstruct the multisemiotic news story into its base elements, with a focus on solutions journalism, to better define the contributions each component makes. By applying the various multisemiotic news story elements to the four pillars of solutions journalism (Solutions Journalism Network, 2020), I will cultivate a richer understanding of how each contributes to the social construction of the broader story.

Technology and digital journalism: Uses and effects in storytelling.

Abstract: This panel will provide a discussion on benefits and challenges of teaching journalism innovation and will offer tips on how to include technology innovation in journalism classes. It will offer perspectives from both academia and industry, including the experience of one professor who has adopted digital and hackathon culture to produce award-winning, innovative journalism in his class – for seven straight semesters, and practical tools that Google News Lab offers for facilitating news reporting. We will also offer perspectives on how to use drones to enhance broadcast reporting classes, how to teach VR journalism inside and outside the traditional classroom setting, and we will examine major pitfalls instructors should anticipate when teaching with new technology.