The Power of Myth and Truth: Uncovering the History and Growing Role of Native Americans in Public Relations

Yan Jin (PI), Shelley Spector (Co-PI), and Taylor Voges (PhD Candidate, Co-PI). “The Power of Myth and Truth: Uncovering the History and Growing Role of Native Americans in Public Relations.” The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication, Penn State University ($7,040), 2022-2023.

Description: This proposed project aims to make the diverse voices of Native Americans heard louder and clearer by 1) raising attention to the true histories as in archives, oral histories, and reflected collective memories, 2) unlocking the power of storytelling of Native Americans (PR practitioners, educators, students, and the communities practitioners and organizations present and advocate for), and 3) providing truth-based communication guideline for organizations on how to communicate effectively and ethically with Native Americans and on issues concerning them with genuine understanding and sincere respect of their diverse cultures and rich heritages. This multi-phase, theory-practice integrated inquiry of the history and the role of Native Americans in PR will generate insights from multiple data sources, offering timely and actionable recommendations for more effective and ethical organizational communication and more accurate and just representation in media and other public space.