Management of Cybersecurity through Internal Communication

Abstract: Organizations increasingly experience threats to their organization’s cyber security such as data theft, manipulation, and fraud. As remote working becomes more common due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations have faced higher risks of cyber attack. However, the topic is rarely discussed in the field of communication literature. This chapter summarizes findings from a survey on perceptions about cyber security from 1,046 communication professionals in the United States and Canada, conducted as part of North American Communications Monitor (NACM) 2020-2021. Defined as a set of guidelines, technologies and training that provide protection of an organization’s data and of its computer and digital communication infrastructure, cyber security is perceived as a critical topic for communications professionals. This survey provides contemporary understandings of communication professionals’ personal and organizational experiences related to cyberattacks or data threat; internal information management to enhance cyber security; and perceptions of likelihood of attacks from cyber criminals. Moreover, the chapter shares various insights applicable for organizations’ internal communication to better manage emerging threats to cybersecurity. Internal communication presents a number of opportunities to prevent and mitigate crises related to cyber attacks and data thefts.