Computer-tailored Intervention Increases Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Low-Income African Americans in Primary Care: Results of a Randomized Trial

Abstract: Background: African Americans have the highest colorectal cancer (CRC) incidence and mortality rates of any racial/ethnic group and screening rates remain well below the National Colorectal Cancer rountable screening goal of 80%.
Purpose: This randomized trial compared the efficacy of two clinic-based interventions for increasing CRC screening among African American primary care patients.
Conclusions: The computer-tailored intervention was more effective than a non-tailored brochure for increasing completion of SBT and either screening test. Over 26% of participants were screened with either test at 6 months. Computer-tailored interventions can significantly improve CRC screening rates in low-income African Americans, but the impact of a one-time intervention to promote colonoscopy is limited.