Stories, Myths, and a New Model for College Sports, Part II

Welch Suggs, “Stories, Myths, and a New Model for College Sports, Part II.,” in Athletic Director U.

Abstract: In Part II of a two-part series, University of Georgia Associate Professor Welch Suggs proposes a new model to make college sports transparent, efficient, and run for the benefit of athletes and universities alike. In this follow-up, he makes the case for bifurcating sports into commercial and academic models, with colleges choosing which models to adopt for each of their sports. Doing so would rationalize the operations and goals of the athletic enterprise and enable greater benefits for athletes and colleges alike.

Myles Brand’s Collegiate Model and the Post-Amateurism World of College Sports

Abstract: One of Myles Brand’s key contributions as president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association was the development of what he called the “collegiate model of college sports.” In this paper, we present the theoretical antecedents of the collegiate model in the histories of both sport and higher education. We go on to articulate the definition of the collegiate model of sport as Brand presented it iteratively in public comments. Finally, we situate the relevance of the collegiate model as a policy prescription in twenty-first century college sports.