Advancing Crisis Communication Effectiveness: Integrating Crisis Scholarship with Practice

Bryan Reber, Yan Jin, and Glen Nowak. (forthcoming). “Advancing Crisis Communication Effectiveness: Integrating Crisis Scholarship with Practice.” The Handbook of Crisis Communication (2nd edition) (Eds. W. T. Coombs and S. J. Holladay), Wiley-Blackwell. 

Abstract: Reber, Jin, and Nowak lead us through a discussion on collaboration between academics and the practice. They note the need and value of university and industry collaborations including service research and collaborative research. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication planted the seeds of collaboration with the C. Yarbrough Professor in Crisis Communication Leadership and grew that into the Crisis Communication Think Tank and related meetings. Reber et al. identify university research groups as another way to facilitate collaboration. They also emphasize the value in gap studies for identifying areas of future research and collaboration. Reber et al. end with a review of the yields that emerge from integrating crisis scholarship and practice. This chapter serves as a complement to Chapter 36 by Detavernier and Chapter 38 by Morgan that focus on how practitioners use theory.