A Femvertising Campaign Always #LikeAGirl: Video Responses and Audience Interactions on YouTube

Abstract: Research into the effects of femvertising on individuals and society is needed and the purpose of this study was to gauge the nature of the campaign ‘Always #LikeAGirl’, one of the most successful brand activism femvertising campaigns utilizing social media in recent times. Additionally, the study sought to assess the reactions the campaign elicited by examining the content of related videos that spread across YouTube. Through content analysis of 343 YouTube videos related to #LikeAGirl, this study observed the source and content of videos through features, such as tone, call-to-action, actor characteristics, settings, and activities, and the relationship between content and viewer response (number of views, comments, likes, and dislikes). The results indicate that the femvertising campaign spurred positive consumer discourse on the topic and inspired user generated content that supported the cause. Implications of such brand activism femvertising campaigns are discussed.