Maximizing the potential of millennial communication professionals in the workplace: A talent management approach in the field of strategic communication

Abstract: Although millennials have been extensively examined in the popular and academic literature, there have not been sufficient studies in strategic communication that help us fully understand this unique and influential cohort in the communication profession. The purpose of this research is to take a talent management approach to gain a deep understanding of millennial communication professionals’ (MCPs) generational attributes as related to their workplace values, and how such values would affect key phases such as recruitment, engagement, development and retention in talent management in strategic communication. Two national panels were recruited to run comparative analyses with one panel consisting of MCPs and the other panel consisting of communication managers and executives who have direct working and/or supervising experience with MCPs. The comparative results provide a detailed report on perceptual gaps on generational attributes, as well as different expectations on talent management. Research and practical implications are discussed.