Pro-Veganism on Instagram: Effects of User-Generated Content and Message Endorser Types in Instagram-Based Pro-Veganism Posts

Paper accepted for presentation at the International Communication Association Annual Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, May 2020.

Abstract: Through two experiments, this study assessed source and message effects of Instagram-based pro-veganism messages. Experiment 1 (N = 294) examined effects of organization (brand versus non-profit) and message types (egoistic versus altruistic), while experiment 2 (N = 288) examined effects of source type (celebrity versus non-celebrity) and message valence (positive versus negative). Results demonstrated significant main effects of organization type, with consumers indicating more positive attitudes and higher credibility towards the brand. Significant main effects of message type were also found, with altruistic messages eliciting higher perceived information value than egoistic messages. Subjective norms had moderating effects on attitude towards the organization, while attitude towards veganism had moderating effects on perceived information value. Results alsoindicated significant main effects of message valence on perceived information value, and significant interaction effects of the two manipulated factors on intention to spread electronic word-of-mouth. Implications for future research and practical applications are discussed.