Adherence to Timely Vaccinations in the United States

Hargreaves AL, Glen J. Nowak, Paula Frew, AR Hinman, WA Orenstein et al., “Adherence to Timely Vaccinations in the United States,” Pediatrics, 145(3, March 2020):e20190783.

Abstract: We used 2014 National Immunization Survey provider-verified vaccination data to classify vaccination patterns as “recommended” (ie, in line with ACIP dose- and age-specific
recommendations), “alternate” (ie, in line with either limiting the number of shots per visit or skipping at least 1 vaccine series), or “unknown or unclassifiable” (i.e., not in line with ACIP recommendations or clearly limiting shots per visit or vaccine series). The majority of children’s patterns were classified as “recommended” (63%), with 23% and 14% following alternate or unknown or unclassifiable patterns, respectively; 58% of children were up-to-date with all ACIP-recommended immunizations by 19 to 35 months. Not being up-to-date was associated with alternate and unknown or unclassifiable patterns.