One labor network?: Frameworks for Understanding Media Unions and Organizing Across Borders

Panel Overview: In October 2021, with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) on the brink of a strike, film and television unions around the world began to issue statements with the intent to strike in solidarity with the US union. This panel will bring together scholars from around the world who study different sectors of the industry and labor organizations to discuss how global flows of content, information, and people generate challenges to labor organizing. They will bring historical and contemporary knowledge of workers, unions, and guilds to bear on questions including: What does “global” mean in relation to organized labor and unions? What are the most productive theoretical frameworks and historical or contemporary case studies for understanding media labor movements and unions? What can media scholars contribute to understanding the barriers to organizing? What are the key policies, laws, and documents for understanding global labor relations? How can media scholars contribute to advancing these actions and conversations?