Chinese Newspapers’ Coverage of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) from 2008 to 2018: A Content Analysis of News Framing and Portrayals of Health Risks and Stigma.

Abstract: As the first study of Chinese newspaper coverage of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) over the past decade (2008-2018), this paper analyzed how different categories of Chinese newspaper media (Party press, City press, and special interests and industry oriented press) framed AD related health belief information (e.g., susceptibility and severity) and stigma over time. A total of 419 newspaper articles on AD were content analyzed. Findings indicate that Chinese newspapers provided inadequate and incomplete health belief information on AD. Findings also indicate the tendency of increasing episodic framing, of inverted V-shape of stigmatization of labeling human differences and the V-shape of stigmatization of negative image over time, and of increasing family stigma mentioned. Recommendations for health media professionals and health communication practitioners on AD coverage and AD health information dissemination were further provided.

Content Analysis of JUUL Electronic Cigarette Posts and Comments on Instagram.

Abstract: With an estimated 10.8 million adult users, particularly amongst 18 to 24-year olds, e-cigarette use is an increasingly serious health issue within the United States. These products are often promoted as smoking cessation devices for use in quitting smoking and nicotine replacement therapy. JUUL, a leading brand of e-cigarettes, is also heavily featured in online social media posts. This content analysis examined posts related to JUUL on the Instagram for their product relevance, how they are promoted, and how they are featured. Descriptive analysis and unsupervised topic modeling were used in preparation for future analysis involving additional relevance coding to analyze for links between content features and topic modeling results. Preliminary results reveal our TM topics and terms for analysis, a lack of promotion of JUULs as smoking cessation/NRT devices by commercial interests, and that half of JUUL-related posts were not JUUL relevant, suggesting its use to promote unrelated posts.