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How level of personalization affects the effectiveness of personalized ad messages: The moderating role of narcissism. Bartosz Wojdynski

ABSTRACT: This study examined the effects of two different levels of personalization strategies (individual-level vs. group-level) on consumers’ visual and attitudinal responses to personalized advertising. The study further investigated the moderating role of recipients’ narcissism in the effect of personalization. Results showed that individuals higher in narcissism pay greater and more frequent attention to advertisements […]

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Getting a Little Too Personal? Positive and Negative Effects of Personalized Advertising on Online Mutitaskers. Hyoyeun Jun, Taeyeon Kim, Jihoon (Jay) Kim & Bartosz Wojdynski

Abstract: A between-subjects experiment tested the effects of medium (location-based) and high (individually tailored) personalized advertising on online news readers, half of whom also paid attention to a podcast while reading. Results showed that the main effect of multitasking was not significant, suggesting that no significant difference in attitude toward the ad emerged between the […]

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