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Baansi ni Yila: A critical study of the music industry in Northern Ghana Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed

Abstract: This study examines the intricacies of the expanding music industry in Northern Ghana, focusing on the perspectives of artistes. The contemporary popular musicians of Tamale, one of Ghana’s biggest cities, have for some time now been making efforts to gain national attention. We ground the study and situate it in conversations on the traditional […]

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Bilchiinsi Philosophy: Decolonizing Methodologies in Media Studies Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed

Abstract: In recent times, there have been calls for decolonization in academia as a whole and the field of communication and media studies with particular focus on narratives such as #CommunicationSoWhite and #RhetoricSoWhite. Despite these wide calls for decolonization there remains a lacuna of research on the topic within the African academy. Drawing on what […]

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