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“A Qualitative Look at Journalism Programs in Flux: The Role of Faculty in the Movement Toward a Digital Curriculum.” Amanda Bright

Abstract: As journalism continues to grapple with the transition to digital media, journalism educators are constantly considering how to better equip students for this changing field.  Particularly in smaller programs where resources, funding, and faculty are limited, updating curriculum can be a challenge.  A qualitative, multiple case study centered on curricular decision-making found that faculty […]

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Perceptions of media roles in Serbia and Croatia: Does news orientation have an impact? Ivanka Pjesivac

Abstract: This study examined the perceptions of media roles among journalism students in Serbia and Croatia (N=401). The results showed that the most important were citizen-oriented and watchdog roles and that they were positively predicted by hard news orientation, whereas consumer and loyal roles were least important. Consumer role was positively predicted by the soft […]

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The socialization of journalism students into the profession Ivanka Pjesivac

Abstract: This panel will provide a global and comparative analysis of the ways in which journalism students’ conceptions of their roles, job expectations, motivation for studying journalism, among others, are shaped during the course of their studies. Based on surveys with representative samples of students in 30 different countries, the panel participants map how journalism […]

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