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Gaining insights into effects appeals for COVID-19 vaccine messages targeting 18-23 year old college students Xuerong Lu, Shuoya Sun, Youngji Seo, Solyee Kim, Sung In Choi, Wenqing Zhao, Jeffrey Duncan, Hye Jin Yoon, Bartosz Wojdynski & Glenna Read Read More
The Effects of User Comment Valence of Facebook Health Messages on Intention to Receive the Flu Vaccine: The Role of Pre-existing Attitude Toward the Flu Vaccine and Psychological Reactance. Hanyoung Kim and Youngji Seo

Kim, Hanyoung (Grady PhD Student), Seo, Y.,(Grady PhD Student) Yoon, H. J., Han, J. Y., & Ko. Y.(Grady PhD Student), (Forthcoming). Abstract: This study examined if and how Facebook user-generated […]

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Individualizing Mental Health Responsibilities on Sina Weibo: A Content Analysis of Depression Framing by Media Organizations and Mental Health Institutions. Yan Jin

Abstract: Depression is a major threat to public health in China. Although many social determinants have been recognized as robust predictors of health outcomes, depression is still widely viewed and […]

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Do Young Adults Attend to Health Warnings in the First IQOS Advertisement in the U.S.? An Eye-Tracking Approach. Glen Nowak and Joe Phua

Abstract: Introduction: In October 2019, a heated tobacco product (HTP) IQOS debuted in the United States. This study examined young adults’ attention and cognitions in response to an IQOS ad […]

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The Roles of Celebrity Endorsers’ and Consumers’ Vegan Identity in Marketing Communication about Veganism. Jihoon (Jay) Kim and Joe Phua

Abstract: Celebrities endorsing veganism may exert social influence on consumers’ attitude toward veganism and behavioral intention to become vegan. A between-subjects online experiment (N=303) examined the effects of consumers’ eating […]

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A Longitudinal Investigation of Empathic Exchanges in Online Cancer Support Groups: Message Reception and Expression Effects on Patients’ Psychosocial Health Outcomes. Jeong-Yeob Han and JeongHyun (Janice) Lee

Abstract: Recent studies have devoted attention to the effects of both expression and reception in communication process. However, there remain both theoretical and methodological complexities concerning whether and under what […]

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