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Encouraging Energy Saving through Facebook: Effect of Message Concreteness and Message Sender Distance on Consumer Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions. Nah Ray Han, Joe Phua & Jihoon (Jay) Kim

Accepted for presentation at the 2020 American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Annual Conference, March 2020, San Diego, CA. Abstract: This study examined effects of match versus mismatch of message concreteness (abstract/concrete) and sender distance (far/close) in Facebook-based posts about energy saving on attitudes and behavior intentions. An online experiment (N=183) revealed that participants in the […]

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Perceptions of media roles in Serbia and Croatia: Does news orientation have an impact? Ivanka (Radovic) Pjesivac

Abstract: This study examined the perceptions of media roles among journalism students in Serbia and Croatia (N=401). The results showed that the most important were citizen-oriented and watchdog roles and that they were positively predicted by hard news orientation, whereas consumer and loyal roles were least important. Consumer role was positively predicted by the soft […]

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A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Media Context on Ad Attitudes Karen Whitehill King

Abstract: The role of media context in advertising engagement has been the subject of interest for advertisers and media practitioners over the past 50 years. However, there remains a lack of understanding and clarity on the relationship between media context and ad effectiveness. To unify previous literature and provide a bigger picture of the relationship, […]

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