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Baansi ni Yila: A critical history of the music industry in Northern Ghana Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed

Abstract: This study examines the intricacies of the expanding music industry in Northern Ghana, centering the perspectives of artistes. We examine how artistes create and produce music, how they market and promote the music and their images, and also the nature and art of their performances and the scope of their export beyond Tamale. The […]

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Interactive infographics’ effect on elaboration in agricultural communication. Bartosz Wojdynski

Abstract: In public health, politics, and advertising, interactive content spurred increased elaboration from audiences that were otherwise least likely to engage with a message. This study sought to examine interactivity as an agricultural communication strategy through the lens of the Elaboration Likelihood Model. Respondents were randomly assigned a static or interactive data visualization concerning the […]

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