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Myles Brand’s Collegiate Model and the Post-Amateurism World of College Sports Welch Suggs

Abstract: One of Myles Brand’s key contributions as president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association was the development of what he called the “collegiate model of college sports.” In this paper, we present the theoretical antecedents of the collegiate model in the histories of both sport and higher education. We go on to articulate the […]

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Can we find the right balance in cause-related marketing? Analyzing the boundaries of balance theory in evaluating brand-cause partnerships. Itai Himelboim

Abstract: Cause‐related marketing (CRM) refers to the phenomenon where brands partner with causes, such as nonprofit organizations. Consumers may see some CRM partnerships as less compatible than others, however the level of perceived compatibility differs from one consumer to another. We know a great deal about how perceptions of compatibility affect attitude and behavior toward […]

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“#YSL, is this enough?” Effects of Brand Name versus Empowerment Advertising Campaign Hashtags in Instagram Posts of Luxury versus Mass-market Cosmetic Brands Taeyeon Kim and Joe Phua

Abstract: This study examined effects of hashtag type (brand name versus empowering campaign hashtag) on information value and attitude towards hashtags. Results indicated that consumers showed more favorable attitudes towards empowering campaign hashtags than brand name hashtags, and that perceived information value of hashtags meditated the relationship between hashtag type and attitude toward the hashtags. […]

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