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The Effect of Media Multitasking on Ad Memory: The Moderating Role of Program-Induced Engagement and Brand Familiarity Karen Whitehill King

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of program-induced engagement on the amount of media multitasking (MM) and its subsequent impact on ad memory. It explored how brand familiarity attenuates or aggravates the detrimental effects of MM on cognitive evaluation of ads. Two lab-based experiments were conducted. The findings of the […]

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Color Effects in Green Advertising Dong Jae (Jay) Lim

Dongjae (Jay) Lim (Grady PhD Student), TaeHyun Baek, Sukki Yoon, Yeonshin Kim (Forthcoming). Color Effects in Green Advertising,  Abstract: Marketers often use green in marketing communications to signal sustainability, despite the lack of supportive data. This article is a report of two experiments to observe consumer reactions to advertisements that use colour to indicate the […]

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Journal of Advertising Research Best Academic Paper Award Karen Whitehill King

Eun Sook Kwon, (Grady PhD, Rochester Institute of Technology), Karen Whitehill King (University of Georgia), Greg Nyilasy (Grady PhD, University of Melbourne) and Leonard N. Reid (University of Georgia), (2019). Impact of Media Context on Advertising Memory: A Meta-Analysis of Advertising Effectiveness. Journal of Advertising Research, 59 (1) 99-128. Abstract: Media professionals and scholars have examined the influence […]

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