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HPV Immunization Itai Himelboim

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The Spread of Zika Twitter Conversation Itai Himelboim, Glen Nowak & Yan Jin

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When good athletes go badly Joe Phua

Abstract: This study investigated which decision (maintain vs. dismiss endorsement relationship)will represent the most positive impact on consumers with different levels of fan identification when the celebrity endorser is involved in […]

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A Revisionist View of Journalist’s Privilege William E. Lee

Abstract: This Article reviews the papers of Justice Powell, housed at Washington & Lee University, as well as the papers of other Justices housed at the Library of Congress, to illuminate […]

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When Bodies are Weapons Miscellaneous Grady Researchers

Abstract: Sport has proven to be one of the key institutional sites for the study of the social construction of gender. On September 12, 2015, a Kiss Cam incident during […]

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Body, Gender, and Nationality Miscellaneous Grady Researchers

Abstract: Sport has proven to be one of the key institutional sites for the study of the social construction of gender. And the media representation of athletes in sports has […]

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Valence-based Homophily on Twitter Itai Himelboim and Spencer Tinkham

Abstract: This study integrates network and content analyses to examine valence-based homophily on Twitter or the tendency for individuals to interact with those expressing similar valence. During the 2012 federal […]

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Guns don’t kill people…selfies do Miscellaneous Grady Researchers

Abstract: This work explores how the Narcissus myth has been inaccurately adopted by media, specifically in the reporting of selfie-related deaths. The Narcissus myth, while about a boy in love […]

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Is That News Story an Ad Kate Keib

Abstract: Newspaper and Online news Division  In order to explore similarities in design elements between native advertising and news editorial content, researchers undertake a content analysis of 60 top U.S. […]

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