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Sponsorship Transparency as a Mediator of Negative Effects of Covert Ad Recognition Nathaniel J. Evans and Bartosz Wojdynski

Abstract: The proliferation of covert online advertising formats such as advergames has raised concerns about consumers’ ability to recognize such content as advertising, and about how recognition affects evaluative outcomes. […]

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News Media Portrayal of HPV Vaccine Before Its First Implementation in China Yan Jin and Glen Nowak

Abstract: News media stories and content can influence people’s understanding of vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, including making them more knowledgeable about the need for a recommended vaccination and more […]

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It’s Complicated Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: Shared findings related to the issue of American parental opinion toward the issue of childhood vaccinations, including work from recent publications dealing with the 2014-15 Disneyland measles outbreak and […]

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Using infographics in television news Ivanka Pjesivac

Abstract: This experimental study (N=113) examined the effects of the visual presentations of data in television news on young Americans’ recall of information about sexually transmitted diseases, as well as […]

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#Blackgirlsrun Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Abstract: This paper presents the case of Black Girls RUN! (BGR), an Atlanta-based organization and social movement with a grassroots and community-driven approach to changing fitness-related ideology and health outcomes […]

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Effects of source credibility via social media on the risk perception and purchase intention of American millennials towards genetically modified foods Juan Meng and Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: Source credibility has been an important area of research in persuasive communications for quite some time. In the risk communication literature, source cues have been found to impact both individual […]

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Young Drivers Risk Perception in risky driving Dong Jae (Jay) Lim

Abstract: Young drivers consider whether their close peers and social norm will be acceptable when they make decisions to engage risky driving behavior. The study measured young drivers’ social norm […]

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Preparing future communication leaders Juan Meng

Abstract: While there is an abundance of literature about Millennials as a unique and influential consumer group generally (Smith, 2012; Valentine & Powers, 2013), there is little research on Millennial […]

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