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Comparative Research in Public Relations Michael Cacciatore

Abstract: This presentation will focus on the Global Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management (Berger & Meng, 2014) (a.k.a., the “Global Leadership Study”), a survey of more […]

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Exploring the Role of Social Support in Promoting Patient Participation in Health Care among Women with Breast Cancer Jeong-Yeob Han

Abstract: Scholars have adopted Street’s (2003) ecological model of medical communication to investigate the factors promoting patient participation in health care.  However, factors demonstrated in the ecological model were bounded […]

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A Longitudinal Investigation of Empathic Exchanges in Online Cancer Support Groups Jeong-Yeob Han

Abstract: Although recent empirical findings have suggested evidence of expression effect over reception effect, there remain both theoretical and methodological complexities concerning whether and under what condition message expression and […]

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Knowledge is Power Kate Keib

Today we encounter online content from a plethora of sources, in email, social media feeds and websites. Native advertising complicates this landscape, as this content mimics news but may be […]

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Virtual Experiences in Virtual Spaces Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

Abstract: Research on the Proteus Effect suggests that embodying an avatar causes one to take on characteristics of that avatar, resulting in residual effects of the virtual experience that impact […]

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The Proteus Effect, narcissism, and consumer behavior. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

Abstract: Research on the Proteus Effect suggests that embodying an avatar causes one to take on characteristics of that avatar, resulting in residual effects of the virtual experience that impact behavioral […]

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A New Take on Digital Advertising Jay Hamilton

Abstract: Digital advertising has catalyzed sea changes in the structure and practice of advertising globally, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This article suggests that such […]

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Towards an understanding of social media literacy Jessica Maddox

Abstract: On October 31, 2016, a bit of copy/paste began spreading around Facebook, encouraging people to “check-in” to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in Canon Ball, North Dakota, even if […]

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