William Newlin

“To me, tenacity is a willingness to leave your comfort zone to get what you need, whether in your personal life or professional pursuits.”

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Double Dawg William Newlin is working to build a well-informed public through purposeful, courageous journalism.
A lover of entertainment and news writing, fourth year EMST major Sherry Liang has centered her first short film around student journalism.

Sherry Liang

“I also think back to when we planted seeds for ideas that would shape my college experience — like brainstorming web series concepts in Writers’ Room, pitching an AAJA chapter at UGA to Dr. Lough, the first conversations about the Backlight Student Film Festival, or the beginnings of what would become The Red & Black’s DEI Committee.”

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Kacie Geter

“I don’t really have a professional hero, but I love seeing Black women paving the way for us, such as Issa Rae, Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rhimes and Rihanna.”

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Second year journalism student Kacie Geter believes in paving your own success, a mindset that has secured her an internship with NBCUniversal.
As a newly appointed MAIP fellow, third year advertising major Smera Dhal is continuing her passion for connecting with fellow creatives.

Smera Dhal

“My proudest moment has been being appointed a 2022 MAIP Fellow. This internship program focuses on promoting diversity within the advertising world, and I am so excited to have been placed with the Digitas agency for an Art direction internship this summer!”

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Bryson Henriott

“Coming in as first-generation college student and a rural student, I was faced with unique challenges; however, through tenacity, determination, and perseverance, I have been able to overcome barriers and give back to other students like myself.”

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Third year public relations major Bryson Henriott is using skills learned from Grady to lead the UGA student body as its next president.
Fourth year public relations major Amelia Green is working to push the boundaries of the sports media industry.

Amelia Green

“I enjoy telling stories and I enjoy making compelling content, but most importantly I want to make people care about the why in sports.”

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Jacqueline GaNun

“To me, tenacity means pursuing your goals relentlessly and not giving up when you run into obstacles or self-doubt.”

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Following her time as editor-in-chief of the Red & Black, third year journalism student Jacqueline GaNun is now sharpening her skills across the pond through the UGA at Oxford Program.
Fourth year Entertainment and Media Studies major Jillian Smalls is headed to the Cox LEAD Program post-graduation with an open and curious mindset.

Jillian Smalls

“Tenacity means believing in yourself every step of the way towards achieving a goal. I believe that by having self-confidence, you can transcend the impossible. You can achieve anything you want in life if you believe you can achieve it.”

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Armani Kardar

I am passionate about mentoring young black men in hopes of instilling the confidence I once lacked in them at an early age. It is important to invest in our youth because they are the future and need to know that their potential is truly limitless.

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The Grady Sports Media program has helped 5th year journalism student Armani Kardar build the confidence in himself that he hopes to pass on to the next generation.
Graduate student Riley Armant is using her time in the Journalism Masters program to refine her skills as a storyteller.

Riley Armant

“Tenacity, in my opinion, means possessing the determination to reach a personal goal or level of success. Having this quality also means that you won’t settle for anything less than what you envision.”

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Jane Congfei Lian

“For me, tenacity means always staying positive when facing tough circumstances or situations.”

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Headshot and quote from Jane Congfei LianOriginally from Tianjin, China, third-year advertising major Jane Congfei Lian has built cross-cultural connections in organizations like Women in Media, Talking Dog and International Student Orientation.
Headshot and quote from DonA Traylor-AskewThird-year journalism major DonA Traylor-Askew is already making her mark in the world of sports media.

DonA Traylor-Askew

“Tenacity means pushing through whatever comes your way and never giving up. It means setting your mind on a goal and doing whatever it takes to reach it no matter what situations arise in life that could stand in your way.”

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Michael Banks

“I would not be in Grady had it not been for an early pandemic existential crisis in Spring 2020. I realized one night that I wanted to explore my passions for multiculturalism & storytelling while gaining some of the hard skills only a Grady degree could provide.”

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Michael Banks is a fourth year exploring all that the university offers by pursuing two majors, two minors and a certificate.
Eduardo Morales is pursuing his master's degree in journalism with a concentration in mass media studies on the thesis track after working in the industry for 30 years.

Eduardo Morales

“For a journalist, tenacity means forging on despite disparate odds and chasing every lead that can lead to the truth.”

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Midori Jenkins

Tenacity is remaining persistent, pushing boundaries, and never taking no for an answer. It’s refusing to limit yourself or settle for mediocrity.”

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Although only a second year, Midori Jenkins has taken advantage of video and radio opportunities at Grady College and beyond.
Shruti Muruganandan spent her summer at an advertising agency as part of the MAIP Fellowship program.

Shruti Muruganandan

“It’s important to understand that people that hire you and want to work with you will seek you out because you have talents and gifts that they want. It’s important to recognize the power you hold and be your biggest supporter in advocating for yourself.

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Nicole García Sánchez

I think tenacity is knowing what you want and having a plan on how to get there.”

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Nicole García Sánchez is a public relations major from Venezuela. She enjoys using social media to promote a brand's message.
Palmer Thombs' passion for sports writing has landed him a job once he graduates in May with On3 Sports.

Palmer Thombs

“I have always tried to do not let the facts block out my voice, thus allowing the reader to get to know both me and the story I’m reporting. “

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Kendal Hill

“Being a part of Grady has given me a chance to meet incredible individuals, including students, faculty and advisors. It makes me so honored to be a part of this community.”

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Kendal Hill is a senior advertising major. She credits the Women in Media club with helping her get involved and learn more about Grady College.
Alaina Booth spent last summer in Los Angeles finding internships and freelance jobs to spark her creative interests.

Alaina Booth

“It was a very rewarding summer to see how much my education is really showing up in my future career path, and I’m really grateful for the foundation Grady has laid for me.”

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Emily Goncalves

PRSSA has given me so many opportunities, taught me so many things, and given me so many great friends. I am so proud that I took the leap of faith in pushing myself to take on such a big leadership role”

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Senior Emily Goncalves is soaking in her last months on campus as president of PRSSA. Her career goal is to work in public affairs or public relations in Washington, D.C. or New York.
Mennah Abdelwahab has pursued a variety of internships and club leadership positions during her time at UGA and Grady College. Her majors, minors and certificates have set her apart as a dedicated and involved student.

Mennah Abdelwahab

I was motivated to continue pursuing my Grady degree because my Grady professors have been incredibly supportive; it has meant a lot to see everyone want you to succeed.”

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Nick Milavec

“If I can make just one person feel at home or accepted on this campus, then that is a successful college career in my book.”

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After growing up a Georgia Tech fan, Nick Milavec decided to call UGA and Grady College home. He's working toward a degree in advertising, which focuses on his passions for design and communication.
Third-year Cate de Castro values building peer connections across the business and media programs at UGA — she even developed a production company with her twin sister.

Cate de Castro

“The Industry has been extremely instrumental during my time at UGA, and as president this year, it means a great deal to me to have so many new and familiar EMST students looking to get involved and find their home on campus.”

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Sydney Phillips

In today’s world, information is everything and I chose my major because I love getting to shape media narratives in positive, beneficial ways that inform our public.”

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Sydney Phillips is currently studying and interning in Washington, D.C. through UGA's Washington Semester Program.
Fourth-year Kathryn Skeean has experience shooting a variety of photos, but she hopes to be a sports photographer after graduation.

Kathryn Skeean

I am extremely passionate about supporting women in media, specifically women that go into sports media. I love connecting with other women who are as passionate about sports as I am and helping others get into the field!”

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Ana González

I am most passionate about representation in the media. As our society continues to grow, I hope to be a part of projects that tell audience members that they are seen and heard.”

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Fourth year Ana González hopes to pursue a career as a screenwriter for film and television after graduation. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).

Derek Walker

“I’m proud that despite the pandemic, I took lots of opportunities to improve my craft and be creative. I worked on even more films and videos for myself and others.”

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Madeline Laguaite

“The health and medical courses I’ve completed facilitated my transition from editorial intern to senior editorial intern at WebMD, and continue to inform my work as a freelancer today.”

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Madeline Laguaite is pursuing a master's degree in health and medical journalism, and she's passionate about reporting on LGBTQ health disparities. (Graphic by Sophia Haynes).
Fourth-year Henry Queen has excelled in the sports media program at Grady College and currently works as a sports reporting intern for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (Graphic by Sophia Haynes).

Henry Queen

“I’m passionate about learning new things and restoring shared narratives within our local communities. I want to tell stories that unite more than divide, and sports are an incredible opportunity for that.”

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Nekabari Ereba

“I want those who come after me to enjoy the resources I had in the same way, if not better. That includes making sure all people have access to them.”

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Fifth-year advertising student Nekabari Ereba has a passion for sustainability, which she hopes to pursue after graduation. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).
Fourth-year Suzanne Kebanli has served as a Grady Ambassador and summer 2020 Orientation Leader, acting as a welcoming face for new students. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).

Suzanne Kebanli

“Tenacity means pressing on and fighting for something even when it’s hard.”

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Jake Strickland

“As an openly gay man living in the South, my existence would not be possible without the change makers that came before me, and I want to be a change maker for the generations to come.”

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Third-year Jake Strickland worked for a digital communications firm last summer as a public relations intern, and he currently serves as social media editor at The Red & Black. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).
Fourth-year Kyra Posey discovered her passion for podcasting while working at The Red & Black. (Graphic by Sophia Haynes).

Kyra Posey

“My most memorable Grady experience was studying abroad at Trinity College in Oxford, England. Learning about international communications and speaking with some of the best in professional communications was an incredible hands-on learning experience.”

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Rohit Rammohan

“A few years ago, I was a web journalist for a short bit writing headline stories and that showed me just how much I enjoyed being able to share stories that mean something to the world.”

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Rohit is a graduate student in the Emerging Media Master's program. He received his undergraduate degree from Georgia State University in 2018 and has worked as a web journalist. (Graphic by Sophia Haynes).
Sydney Dangremond is a fourth-year public relations major, and she has spent her final year writing on the news desk at The Red & Black. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).

Sydney Dangremond

“Tenacity is holding on when it would be easier to let go. Holding onto loved ones, holding onto the truth, holding onto our humanity and holding onto hope. I think the past year has served as a case study in tenacity for all of us.”

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Tylar Norman

“As a Black woman, I often reflect on how important it is to have representation because I did not see a lot of that growing up. Seeing other women, especially minority women, work in a field that was not very diverse a few decades ago always reminds me to keep going and to remember to make more room at the table for other women.”

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Fourth-year Tylar Norman will graduate in May with a degree in journalism and a sports media certificate, as well as minors in Spanish and sport management. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).
Willie is a fourth-year majoring in journalism. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism and become a news anchor. (Graphic by Sophia Haynes).

Willie Daniely

“I have always been a naturally curious person, asking a lot of questions about any and everything as a little kid. As I grew older it just seemed to naturally evolve into me wanting to be a journalist.”

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Tévon Knight

“Tenacity is all about persisting when things are tough, uncertain, scary or downright impossible. Growing as a human is all about leaving your comfort zone and pushing past the things that make you want to quit.”

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Tévon Knight is a fourth year majoring in entertainment and media studies. In his spare time, he enjoys being a photographer and independent filmmaker. (Photo and graphic by Sophia Haynes).
Cesar Moncada is a first year masters student in emerging media who is involved with the UGA Redcoat Band. He graduated in 2020 with an advertising degree. (Photo and graphic: Sophia Haynes).

Cesar Moncada

“My father has always reminded me to never become complacent and to never stop searching for opportunities, whether it be in professional or personal life. I think it had the biggest impact on why I decided to pursue a master’s degree at UGA.”

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Molly English

“I’ve always loved to write and tell stories, but Grady showed me that journalism is so much more than that and really taught me — and continues to teach me every day — how to be the best in my field.”

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Molly English is a senior journalism major who is actively involved with Grady Newsource and multimedia production. (Photo and Graphic: Sophia Haynes).

Katy Warren

“Film and television have always been what I’m most passionate about. Ten different people sent me the article about how UGA was starting an MFA program in film, television and digital media in December 2019. I decided to throw my application in and didn’t think much about it as I started pursuing advertising jobs before graduation.”

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Margaret Leonard

“Tenacity means having a clear vision, and not letting the small stuff get in the way of executing it!”

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Lauren Swenson

“Until I went to Grady’s journalism camp the summer before my senior year of high school, UGA was not even on my list of schools. It was the first time I felt like I really connected with people like myself: outgoing, friendly and determined.”

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Alex English

“Tenacity means never ceasing, adjusting and adapting until the job is done.”

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Ashton Bruce

“I absolutely know I want to work in post-production, so my goal after graduation is to move to Los Angeles and take steps to become an editor for television.”

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Spencer Donovan

“The Red & Black has shown me how to show care for the people I talk with in the community.”

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Laura Nwogu

“Tenacity means striving to achieve a dream or a goal no matter the obstacles that get in your way.”

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Taylor Potter

“I’ve used my studies and skills in every single one of my internships! My EMST and film studies roots were integral to my internship with the Peabody Media Center. One particular example is how crucial my teachings in editing were. When COVID-19 necessitated the switch to online classes in the spring, I had to edit an entire video project on my own. It was incredibly challenging, but I learned a lot from that project and am proud of what I created!.”

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Mason Cantrell

“Most importantly, I will miss the lifelong friends I made in Grady who I will always hark back to and be so proud of as peers in the industry.”

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Hayden Schwartz

“The excuse of being a student is temporary… go make mistakes, go make your project, follow your curiosity and act on it while you have the chance.”

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Soha Imam

“No matter what happens I know Grady has prepared me to take on every challenge I encounter and turn it into a success story.”

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Joybeth Sullivan

“I am passionate about the ability we have to bring a story into the life and imagination of cinema, poetry, writing, and the way that brings comfort, newness, and understanding. The world is full of smaller worlds waiting to be shared.”

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Jessica Story

“Grady students are so unique in that we take an idea, fine tune it, and create it. In a lot of other colleges, an idea is given to you and your create it, but Grady students carry a project from beginning to end.”

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Nick Hayward

“Grady has allowed me to pursue a variety of different things throughout my time at UGA. The connections I have built through Grady have allowed me to spend my time branching out, and I have been able to find new things that interest me.”

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Mikaela Cohen

“I have learned how to be adaptive and intuitive. Industries will continue changing, but Grady has taught me to be open to any changes thrown my way.”

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Madison Drummond

“I chose Grady because it would give me a professional edge; I am challenged and pushed to better myself personally and professionally every day here, and I love that.”

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Olamide Ogunjobi

“Nothing motivates me more than seeing people achieve their dreams and push themselves towards limits they never thought possible.”

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Rachel Yuan

“I think Grady students see the world differently. When they meet someone, they are automatically invested in understanding that person’s story. They take every opportunity to create, from silly day projects with friends to huge, year-long, 20-person crew productions.”

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Marq Norris

“At Grady, not only do you learn from seasoned industry professionals that want to see you prosper, but you get access to an incredibly supportive community of leaders through Grady’s channels.”

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Skylar Nicholson

“Connecting with a group of individuals and presenting information to audiences with an honest perspective to seek social engagement and positive change is my purpose.”

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