In addition to other projects, Charlotte Norsworthy has conducted research in virtual reality storytelling in journalism, sponsored in part by the National Association of Broadcasters.

Norsworthy named to the ONA Student Newsroom for fall conference

Charlotte Norsworthy, a senior journalism major at Grady College, has been selected as one of 20 Newsroom and Innovation Lab students for the 2018 Online News Association Conference and Awards Ceremony.

The Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab immerses undergraduate and graduate college students in a digital media environment by providing hands-on experience during the three-day ONA conference held in Austin, Texas, in September.

Norsworthy successfully completed her undergraduate thesis in virtual reality journalism in December 2017.

Norsworthy has served as an investigative reporter, city news editor and news editor for The Red & Black newspaper. She has also served as president of the Online News Association and Society of Professional Journalists student chapters. This summer, Norsworthy has interned for NPR’s business news desk as a UGA Honors D.C. Program Scholar. She has served as an Innovation Fellow for the Cox Institute for the past year and will continue her fellowship this school year as the host of the podcast, “The Lead.”

Supported for the ninth year by Google News Initiative, the students will produce content and tools for the ONA18 Student Newsroom website before and during the conference under the personal guidance of professional mentors.

As part of the application, students and mentors were asked what they would like to implement as part of their role in the Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab. This innovation ranged from unexpected story ideas, to creative storytelling techniques, to new tools built by participants themselves — these are ideas that live at the intersection of content and product.

Students get the chance to attend conference programming led by experts in digital journalism, network with attendees and acquire and flex new digital media skills. All expenses — lodging, travel and registration fees — are paid.

A complete list of students selected for this honor can be viewed on the ONA conference website.

Date: July 16, 2018

Editor:  Sarah Freeman,