Inaugural UGA AdPR Go Global, Choose China study abroad program underway

Hong Kong, China – Six students from the University of Georgia participating in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations' first-ever Go Global, Choose China study abroad program began their Maymester studies this week.

Juan Meng, an assistant professor of public relations in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, is teaching and coordinating the program.

The trip started on May 13 with a visit to the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) to exchange and discuss information about public relations and advertising curriculum.

The students heard about the differences between public relations and advertising concentrations at HKBU compared to those at UGA, but they were also surprised to learn of the many similarities.

Four HKBU students shared their experiences working with The Young Agency, a student-run firm that provides them with hands-on campaign experience with clients such as the AIDS Concern, Crumbs Yogurt, Habitat for Humanity, and YokeTown. Their experiences resemble those of UGA students working with Creative Consultants or participating in the Bateman competition.

The HKBU students explained that they work with a four-step formula to ensure their campaigns are innovative, ambitious, comprehensive, and address a full understanding of the target audience. PR tactics included in past campaigns incorporated viral videos, street events, printed materials, candid clips and promotional materials.

Alumni of HKBU are widely available to help the students edit and finalize their client pitches, the students said, and Faculty at the School of Communication encourage mentorship among the different classes.

After a tour of the Academy of Film and its studios, the first day of the China program concluded with an authentic Chinese dinner with Meng and Dr. Flora Hung-Baesecke. Students experienced cleaning dishes prior to the meal in typical Cantonese style and were also courageous enough to try foods such as jellyfish, fungus and chicken feet.

During the second day in Hong Kong, the students visited Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Journalism and Communication.

At SPRG, the students met with Richard Tsang, the chairman and founder of the largest public relations consultancy in Hong Kong.

Tsang gave a presentation to the students that covered the differences between public relations in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The most successful public relations agencies, he said, are the ones that have local ties and understand the differences between their city and the rest of the country or world.

At the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, students met with the school director, Professor Anthony Fung.

Fung spoke about a mentorship program in which Chinese University students pair with alumni. Each student is also required to complete at least a three-month internship before graduating, he said, giving the student the opportunity to get hands-on experience in agencies in Hong Kong, China and globally.

In addition to Hong Kong, UGA students participating in the Go Global, Choose China study abroad program will travel to Shanghai and Beijing on their tour of universities, leading agencies, media organizations and brands. Keep up with their journey by visiting The program concludes on June 4.

The following student writers contributed to this report: Ally Montemurro,; Jamie Adams,; Mara Steine,; and Davis Lakeman,

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Date: May 15, 2014

Contact:  Juan Meng,