Jamia Kenan at "Girls Trip" premiere for her summer internship. Credit: Demour Breen

#GradyInternDiaries: Jamia Kenan

Name: Jamia Kenan

Major: Journalism

Title of Internship: Production Intern; Grady L.A. Social Media Intern

Company and company website: FGW Productions and Transmedia

Location: Los Angeles, California

Responsibilities:  FGW Productions specializes in behind-the-scenes footage, creative content (trailers, promo videos, social media teasers, etc.), and event coverage. Our main two projects this summer were “All Eyez on Me” and “Girls Trip.” My responsibilities varied each day, but my main role was to assist executive producer Stephanie Frederic with staying on schedule while also helping to create engaging content. For example, I often selected sound bites from interview transcripts of the cast that were used in featurettes. I also wrote a short script for a piece on Kate Walsh’s character, Liz Devali, in “Girls Trip.” I had multiple opportunities to work on two film sets as well. Although I was a production intern, my boss has a strong background in journalism and allowed me to explore entertainment journalism. Along with working the premiere of “All Eyez On Me”, I interviewed Cory Hardrict, who played Nigel in the film, and wrote a brief article to help promote the film. I also interviewed the cast, director, producer and writers of “Girls Trip” at the world premiere. 

As a social media intern, I was responsible for capturing photos and videos for the Grady L.A. Program’s social media. Along with scheduling posts on Facebook, I also posted content on Instagram and Snapchat stories. I also collaborated with another student on what posts to create and how to get more engagement online.

Jamia Kenan (left) and Demour Breen (right) at premiere of “Girls Trip.”

What was the best part about your summer internship? 


The amazing people I worked with during the summer was the best part about my summer internship. Honestly, I felt like all of the employees at FGW Productions genuinely wanted me to succeed. They were always willing to answer questions, and provided resources to help me learn more about my interests. They freely gave excellent advice about my future career and general life aspirations. My boss, Stephanie Frederic, was always asking me what opportunities I was interested in and encouraged me to connect with other industry professionals. I feel truly blessed to have worked with so many talented, caring people and I’m glad I can continue to foster relationships with them.  


The best part about being a social media intern was collaborating with my partner, Demour Breen, on what shots to capture for our social media. As social media managers, we wanted to ensure we made our experience in L.A. look as amazing on screen as it felt in real life. Demour also helped me at “Girls Trip” premiere by providing moral support and assisting one of the carpet cameramen.

What is the most memorable experience you had during your internship?  

Kenan interviewing Queen Latifah at "Girls Trip" world premiere. Credit: Demour Breen
Jamia Kenan interviewing Queen Latifah at “Girls Trip” world premiere. Credit: Demour Breen


My most memorable experience was interviewing the cast, director, producer and writers of “Girls Trip” at the world premiere. I couldn’t believe that I was interviewing celebrities for a major film with a camera crew on the pink carpet (they changed it from red to hot pink to fit the film). I have always admired all of the women of “Girls Trip,” especially Queen Latifah, so it truly was a dream come true to meet everyone. It was also one of my dreams to write a script for a movie, so speaking with the writers encouraged me to follow my passion for writing even more.  


My most memorable moment was taking our first group photo at a UGA alumni mixer at the Four Seasons. Everyone in the picture looked so well dressed and happy. At this point in the semester, we were only a week or two into the program, and it got me excited to record the rest of the program.  

What advice would you give to a student looking for an internship?  

I would encourage students looking for an internship to reach out to professors and advisors of student organizations. After feeling defeated after submitting so many applications, I reached out to one of my chapter advisors of the National Association of Black Journalists, Dr. Nsenga Burton. She gave me advice on good places to apply based on my goals and critiqued my resume. She also helped me get the internship with FGW Productions by putting me in touch with one of her professional friends. In short, don’t be afraid to network and ask for help when you are feeling weary!  

How did your internship help confirm your desired career path or make you re-evaluate what you want to do in the future? 

My experience this summer at FGW Productions showed me a different way of life, as well as job paths that I never knew existed. Although I still want to have a career in journalism, by shadowing the executive producer every day, I realized that I should not limit myself to a newsroom. I always have dreamed of writing a feature film or documentary centered on communities of color. However, I was frightened by pursuing it because I felt writing for print or online was safer. My internship confirmed that I am inherently a storyteller and I will always have a desire to use my creative side. It is because of my internship that I am considering going to film school or graduate school for screenwriting.  

How will your summer internship affect the way you approach the rest of your time at UGA? 

My supervisor always encouraged me to embrace learning new things to improve myself. When I’m back in the Classic City, I plan on taking a screenwriting class and becoming more involved with student films on campus. I also plan on creating my own podcast and writing a script for a short documentary film to tell the stories that need to be heard.

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Date: August 30, 2017