Grady professors teach at Xiamen University in China

Two Grady College faculty taught special summer courses for undergraduates in the School of Journalism and Communication at Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China, in late May and early June.

C. Ann Hollifield, Dowden Professor in the Department of Journalism, taught a course in media leadership and management.

A directory of the different journalism and communication departments at Xiamen University.

Lee B. Becker, director of the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research, taught a course in social science research methods. Becker also is a faculty member in the Department of Journalism.

A total of 15 students attended Hollifield’s 10 lectures over the two-week period. Becker had 15 students participate in his social science research methods class.

“The students’ understanding of the challenges of 21st Century journalism and communication issues was deep and impressive,” Hollifield said.  “We had wonderful discussions about the future of communication industries both in China and globally.”

Xiamen University was the first school in China to offer a journalism major, which it began in 1922. The University founded the Journalism and Communication Department in 1983. The department became the School of Journalism and Communication in 2007.

The School of Journalism and Communication includes a Journalism Department, an Advertising Department and a Communications Department, as well as the Research Center for Taiwan Media, the Journalism Institute, the Communication Institute, the Research Center for Brand and Advertising, and the Research Center for Strategic Communication.

Ann Hollifield (center) and some of her media leadership and management students.

The special summer courses taught by Hollifield and Becker were in the Journalism Department.

“I was so impressed with the students,” Becker said. “They were excited about the subject matter and wonderfully engaged in the classes. It was a true pleasure to meet with them each session.”

The Cox International Center currently is hosting Dr. Lin Lin Wu, a faculty member in the School of Journalism and Communication, and has extended an invitation to host another faculty member from the school in the fall.

“We look forward to exploring additional collaborations between Grady and the School of Journalism and Communication at Xiamen University,” Becker said.

Date: June 17, 2016
Author:  Lee Becker,
Contact:  Lee Becker,