Grady Intern Diaries: Aubry Snow

This is part of a series where we asked Grady College students to describe their internship experiences during the summer. To see pictures of our Grady students interning, please see our #GradyInternDiaries social media collection.

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Name: Aubry Snow

Major: Advertising

Title of Internship: Analytics Intern at Moxie

Location: Atlanta, GA

Snow (center) and some of her Moxie colleagues this summer.

Responsibilities: This summer, I was able to use many different analytics tools while working for clients including Verizon, Nike Women, Nike Training, Chick-fil-a, TaxSlayer, Wells Fargo, Gold Peak Tea, and Delta. I built queries on a daily basis in NetBase for the purpose of reporting across several clients to gain understanding and insights into their social landscape. I conducted site traffic analysis in Adobe Site Catalyst to report on the fallout down the funnel and subsequent conversion rate. I completed weekly and monthly reports through Sprinklr and Tableau for the purpose of showing clients how they should pivot in response to the data. I built Tableau workbooks, data visualizations, and dashboards to enhance reporting insights and client understanding.

Grady College: What is the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?

Aubry Snow: A piece of advice that my mentor constantly had for me was “It’s a marathon, not a race.” Having this in mind helped me to remember to take time for myself because I wanted to do it all, all at once, which is just not a lasting mentality or way of life. So I learned that the surest path to a long and successful career is learning to manage expectations with the people I work with, which sometimes means saying “no,” and doing as much as possible, while still remembering to treat myself with kindness and consideration.

G.C.: What was the best part about your summer internship?

A.S.: I had the honor of learning from and working with so many amazing professionals.

G.C.: What is the most memorable experience you had during your internship?

A.S.: I think some of my favorite moments during my internship were the small wins. I loved figuring out something I didn’t know before, oftentimes after struggling with it, and sometimes it was something no one else in my department knew how to do. Those moments brought me so much happiness, and were absolutely the most rewarding parts of the work I did.

G.C.: What was the biggest surprise in your internship?

A.S.: I think something that I didn’t really expect was to get along with everyone that I was around. The employees at Moxie are humble, kind, smart, and extremely hardworking, and made my internship such a delightful and educational experience.

G.C.: What advice would you give to a student looking for an internship?

A.S.: Leverage your network! If you don’t know anyone in your field, go to networking events and go to every single AdClub, PRSSA, or whatever organization you are a part of, and make a network. That is how you get internships, and eventually the J-O-B. Be a sponge that is eager and passionate, and you will find that people will begin to seek you out.

G.C.:  How did your internship help confirm your desired career path or make you re-evaluate what you want to do in the future?

A.S.: I’ve had internships in the past where I just realized that something wasn’t for me, and those realizations are crucial to moving forward in the right direction. However, this summer internship at Moxie absolutely confirmed my career path for me. I love the work I do in analytics. Finding those nuggets of insight amongst all the noise is really exciting and special to me. It’s like a puzzle; and it’s one that I continually look forward to solving.

G.C.: When you look back on your internship 10 years from now, what part of your summer internship do you expect to be most thankful for?

A.S.: I will be most thankful for the kindness and patience of the amazing people I worked with at Moxie. 

Date: August 30, 2016