Grady College welcomes official partnership with UGA PreMed Magazine

The University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication is joining hands with UGA’s PreMed Magazine, the first entirely student-produced magazine of the genre.

Shajira Mohammed and Aashka Dave (ABJ ’15) founded UGA PreMed magazine.

“Grady College is delighted to partner with PreMed Magazine — an entrepreneurial startup from right here on UGA’s campus,” said Charles Davis, dean of Grady College. “The magazine offers tremendous experiential learning opportunities for our students and we want to help any way we can to grow the concept further. This is the sort of student-produced, hands-on learning that creates opportunities for our students to lead.”

PreMed Magazine is a university publication dedicated to improving science and public health literacy while supporting pre-health professionals within UGA. The magazine is a collaboration of writers, editors, designers and photographers. Since its inception in 2013, PreMed Magazine boasts 10 issues, more than 600 likes on Facebook and nearly 1000 regular online readers. The magazine is supervised by Leara Rhodes, associate professor of journalism at Grady College.  

“In the 2015-2016 school year, PreMed Magazine has great ambitions: distributing a campus-wide print publication, encouraging interdisciplinary participation in public health on campus, and establishing a national presence,” said Lisa Dinh, Editor-in-Chief of PreMed Magazine.

Endorsement from the Grady College of Journalism will support these ambitions by creating a community of students from different academic backgrounds dedicated to spreading scientific knowledge. Grady students will be encouraged to contribute to the magazine by submitting related features and photographs while working with pre-health students to ensure quality and accuracy of the magazine’s content. Recognition from Grady will incorporate the magazine into a network of credible journalists, writers, and media specialists with whom PreMed Magazine can expand the conversation on scientific journalism and public health literacy.

“The magazine offers tremendous experiential learning opportunities for our students and we want to help any way we can to grow the concept further.”

– Dean Charles Davis

PreMed Magazine is produced with the intent of building an on-campus network for pre-health professionals, particularly future physicians. The magazine also endeavors to promote an informed pre-medical demographic. Students at the University of Georgia benefit from reading regular articles online about current public health issues, science news and pre-professional advice on a local, national and global scale. The articles can be found at and any student wishing to participate can email

Among other Grady-affiliated school productions, such as UGAzine, PreMed Magazine is a pioneer in that it will be Grady’s first science and healthcare magazine. Together, Grady College and PreMed Magazine will work to produce and distribute meaningful content and introduce a transformative way to spread scientific knowledge.

Date: August 14, 2015
Author:  Lisa Dinh, Sarah Freeman, Sona Rao
Contact:  Sarah Freeman,