Grady College Intern Diaries – Alexandra Holzworth

The following is part of a series of reflections from our Grady College students about their summer internships.

Name: Alexandra Holzworth (Advertising major from Lawrenceville, Georgia)
Title of Internship: Marketing Intern
Company: GRM (Guest Relations Marketing)
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

  1. What are some of the tasks you were assigned each day?

    Because GRM is a boutique marketing agency, I was able to work on a myriad of different projects. I did a ton of blogging for CURE Childhood Cancer, I helped design a website for GRM's Social Media Marketing for Business Certificate program and I was able to research competitors and new clients. I was also able to sit in on brainstorming sessions, design social media images and compare clients' online sales with their social media advertising.

  2. What about your internship was the most surprising to you (i.e. what did you least expect going into this experience)?

    I didn't expect to be able to touch so many client projects. I was able to be a bigger part of what GRM does; the large amount of responsibility I was given was pleasantly surprising.

  3. What do you think was the most influential experience or important skill you learned that you could carry with you as you join the work force?

    The most important skill I developed at GRM was learning how to communicate and behave in a small agency setting — both internally and externally.

  4. What part of your Grady education did you find most valuable during your internship?

    Strategic planning and research played a huge role in my internship. The fact that I'd learned how to create detailed social media campaigns in classes like Digital and Social Communications class really helped me perform at GRM.

  5. What is one thing you wish you had known going into your internship?

    I wish I'd had more experience interacting in an agency setting.

  6. What advice would you give for future interns in your position?

    Don't be afraid to let other interns or your bosses know if you are too busy or too bored. GRM truly wants their interns to learn from their time with the agency. If you don't have anything to do, they'll assign it to you. If you have too much, they'll work with you. It's clear that this marketing agency is committed to making internships a mutually beneficial experience in every sense of the term.

  7. Do you have any additional comments?

    The Scripps Howard Scholarship played a huge role in allowing me to complete my internship at GRM. The $3,000 scholarship provides students with a way to participate in unpaid internships that offer valuable experience and attention. I was even able to receive class credit for my time at GRM — something that would not have been possible if not for The Scripps Howard Foundation, GRM, my professor Dr. Thomas Lessl and of course, the alignment of every single one of the stars.

Date: October 20, 2014