Financial Literacy for Communicators Class presents awards

A Grady College special topics course, “Financial Literacy for Communicators,” concluded April 28 with a student awards ceremony.

Called “The Finnies” by instructor Keith Herndon, a visiting professor of journalism, the awards recognized excellence in creative projects, academic work and the winners of the class stock market competitions. 

Whitney Jinks won the gold medal “Finny” for academic achievement.  Megan Ernst and Sammy Slappey also received medals for academic excellence in the course.  Eli Watkins took the gold medal “Finny” for the best overall creative project. Taylor Lear and Victoria Tess Hammock also were awarded creative project medals. Students also participated in stock market competitions during the semester to help them better understand how financial markets work.  Jacob Powell won the portfolio contest by posting the highest overall gain during the semester. Hilary Butschek also captured a stock market forecasting prize. 

“Grady students are entering a workforce where communicators and storytellers need to know as much about business and personal finance as anyone else,” Herndon said of the course that attracted 28 students from across all of Grady's majors. “The goal was to make the concepts of money less frightening to these non-business students and empower them with information they need as enter their careers.” 

Herndon concluded the class with some WISE advice for his students: W—Work hard; I—Invest for the long term; S—Spend smartly; E—Enjoy your financial freedom.

The course was a program initiative of the Cox Institute for Journalism Management, Innovation and Leadership.

Date: May 2, 2014
Author:  Keith Herndon
Contact:  Keith Herndon,