The Department of Advertising and Public Relations saw the most graduates with nearly 70 students earning their degrees.
Nearly 140 Grady College students graduated in Fall 2016, many of whom attended a special convocation ceremony Dec. 15, 2016.

Fall 2016 Grady Convocation celebrates graduates

Pictures from the Fall 2016 Grady Convocation can be viewed on the UGA Grady Flickr gallery:

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Nearly 140 students graduated from Grady College this semester, many of whom were recognized at the Fall 2016 convocation on December 15, 2016, at the Hugh Hodgson Performing Arts Center.

Students graduating from Grady College this fall included four master’s students, 33 students with an advertising degree, 27 with a degree in public relations, 28 from the journalism program, 10 who studied digital and broadcast journalism, nine from the entertainment and media studies department and 17 with a mass media arts degree.

Dean Charles Davis presided over the ceremony, giving an overview of Grady’s accomplishments this past year and praising the students for their hard work, passion and academic excellence.

Keynote speaker, Julie Winskie (ABJ ’84), a partner and global branding and communication leader for Mercer, addressed candidates with a speech that was centered on a unique airplane theme, inspired by her travels.

She opened by assuring students that Grady has prepared them for whatever lies ahead. Her first metaphor was based on the revolving nature of the digital age.

“Even if the light is illuminated, you should keep your seat belt fastened…translation – expect constant change.”

Advising students that they are entering an era of individual accountability, Winskie spoke of the importance of being their best advocate.

Her final tenant emphasized the importance of their responsibility to the world.

“You have to be the truth tellers—whether in journalism, advertising, PR, corporate, or public communications.  You are the ones to assure that opinions on all sides are heard and that civil discourse not only survives but it thrives.

The distinguished senior speaker, a student chosen based on an audition among the graduates for the spot, was Nylah Oliver from Lithonia, Ga., a digital and broadcast journalism major who also minored in anthropology.

She addressed her fellow graduates with a speech that articulated the importance of their voices in whatever profession they pursue.

Bryan Harris (MA ‘03), chair of the Grady Society Alumni Board, concluded the platform of speakers by welcoming the students to the alumni ranks of the college. He encouraged the students of the centennial class to stay in touch with the college and give their time, experiences and talents to future students.

Date: December 16, 2016
Author:  Gabrielle Cowand,
Contact:  Sarah Freeman,