Justin Williams

Part-time Instructor, Entertainment & Media Studies
Justin has 23 years experience in entertainment media and digital platforms.  From roles at startups to big networks, he has persistently sought opportunities at the edge of innovation in content.  He has held executive positions at TBS, TNT, Turner Sports, LiveNation/Ticketmaster, and several media startups. He was co-founder of the LA-based studio Super Deluxe. During that time, he propelled the studio from a paper plan into the fastest-growing entertainment brand on social media, a buzzed-about short form team, and a respected long-form studio with shows on Sundance, IFC, and Netflix.
Justin also advises and structures investments for growing companies, using his experience to identify early signals of successes. He currently serves as a venture partner at an early-stage VC fund, a consultant to several startups, and a board member/advisor to a range of companies.  Current areas of innovation include podcasting, eSports, experiential programming, and video monetization.  
After several years of helping the EMST department with projects he decided to join the faculty part-time.  Justin holds an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler School of Business (UNC) and a degree in journalism and American history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is a native of Athens and resides in Atlanta with his family.