Jennifer Malson

PhD student, Graduate Studies

Biographical statement

Jen Malson is a Ph.D. candidate under the Entertainment and Media Studies department at Grady College. She discovered an interest in media and communications through her involvement with her high school newspaper. She explored this interest further by attending the School of Journalism and Mass Communications as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Jen found a predilection for advertising and media, which guided her decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Advertising.

Armed with a shiny new diploma, Jen set off into the real world to gain hands-on experience within this industry. She had an interesting vantage point at her first agency when the advertising industry was confronted with the emergence of digital media. Jen saw a longstanding future in digital so she followed a career path that focused on digital media and marketing strategy, which quickly turned into over ten years of professional experience. Somewhere during this timeframe, Jen decided to earn a master’s degree in Marketing to complement her career.

Jen is drawn to classes that center on digital media, communication strategy, consumer behavior, and differing cultural perspectives. Her graduate classes lead to readings outside of school requirements and soon she found herself building a base of research topics, primarily surrounding social consequences of digital media and its influence on social change.

Educational background

Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising at University of Colorado, Boulder
Master’s of Science in Marketing at University of Colorado, Denver

Malson, Jen