Dr. John Soloski

Professor, Journalism

About: John Soloski is co-author of Taking Stock and Libel Law and Press. His research interests are media economics, telecommunication policy and media law.

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Ph.D., Mass Communication, University of Iowa

M.A., Journalism, University of Iowa

A.B., English and Political Science, Boston College

Research Interests and Activities

Dr. Soloski’s research interests include media economics, telecommunication policy and media law. He is co-author of Taking Stock: Journalism and the Publicly Traded Newspaper Company, published in 2001. For Libel Law and Press: Myth and Reality, published in 1987, he received the Distinguished Service Award for research in journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists. His articles have appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, North Carolina Law Review, Journalism Educator, Newspaper Research Journal, Journalism Quarterly and several other journals.

Teaching Specialties

Dr. Soloski’s teaches news reporting, media law and qualitative research methods.


From 1996-2001, Dr. Soloski was director of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa. He was editor of Journalism and Communication Monographs from 1994 to 2002. He is a member of the editorial boards of Newspaper Research Journal, Mass Communication Review, Communication Law and Policy and Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism.