Sarah Elizabeth Grizzle

PhD student
Office: Journalism Building, Room 410

Sarah Grizzle is a specialist in environmental communication, media and cultural studies, as well as television and film production. Her research focuses on the protection of the environment using mass communication as a platform for sustainable and positive change for both humanity and the planet.

Sarah is a former wilderness guide, fly fishing instructor, and television producer. After decades of working in the woods, she decided that the stories she was producing did not equal the stories she was seeing. These first-hand experiences with the realities of climate change are what brought her to Grady. Sarah is currently working on a documentary series in conjunction with her dissertation as well as other environmentally based research projects. If you have questions about research details, film and television production, or potential projects, she requests that you email her directly.


M.Ed., Outdoor Education and Administration, Georgia College and State University
B.A., Political Science, Berry College

Office: Journalism Building, Room 410