“Pasta La Vista,” a short film and “Michael Davenport: The Armless Artist,” a short documentary
Two films made by EMST students were recognized at the 13th annual BALD Shorts Film Festival 2017.

EMST student films earn state recognition

Two films by Entertainment and Media Studies students won First Place in their categories in a statewide film competition.

“Pasta La Vista,” a short film written, directed and edited by Luke Webster, received honors as the Best Alfred Hitchcock Homage.

“Michael Davenport: The Armless Artist,” a short documentary produced and directed by Lindsey Smith, earned honors as Best Documentary.

Both films were recognized at the 13th annual BALD Shorts Film Festival 2017, which took place at Georgia College in Milledgeville.

Both also took shape as part of coursework in EMST 4250, Video Production, taught by Stephen Bridges (ABJ ’06) in Fall semester 2016. Bridges was a temporary part-time instructor and is Instructional Designer/Lead Media Producer for the Office of Online Learning at UGA.

“Pasta La Vista” tells a story about the consequences of changing the past. ‘

Christian Baum wrote the story, with Ryan Switzer, Sarah Kennedy and Graham Bohling on camera. Crew consisted of Piper Ruhmkorff (Director of Photography), Samantha Gorman (Gaffer and Assistant Camera), and Rachel Beavers (Producer). It was scored by Andrew Cleveland.

“Forgoing dialogue and sound effects, ‘Pasta la Vista’ pulls the viewer into an uncomfortable and surprisingly menacing place through emotive acting and unnerving audio cues,” said Bridges.

“Making it was an incredibly memorable experience,” said Webster. “I want to thank my friends for making it happen more than anything. This recognition is an added bonus.”

“Michael Davenport: The Armless Artist,” narrates the story of Davenport, who survived a tragic accident at age 13 in which he lost both his arms. Unable to draw even a stick figure before his accident, he found a passion for drawing with his mouth and has been a local inspiration in Athens for decades.

The student crew consists of Lindsey Smith (producer, director, camera, editor), Johnny Morgan (camera, boom operator, audio engineer, music composer), Henry Widjaja (camera), Josh Remmele (camera), Andie Leeds (audio assistant) and Sarah Guirguis (production assistant).

“I was very thankful for another opportunity to share Michael’s story,” said Smith. Earlier this year her film won Best Documentary at the Georgia Communication Association Film Festival.

Date: April 21, 2017
Author:  Jay Hamilton,  hamilton@uga.edu
Contact:  Jay Hamilton,  hamilton@uga.edu