Creative Consultants’ teams innovate with events and social media

Millennials are pioneers with social media and Grady students are no exception. Creative Consultants students are implementing social media strategies that are gaining followers and interactions with consumers.

The team for Rose of Athens Theatre has created engaging content on the organization's various pages. They have informed users of upcoming events, while engaging people through competitions. Theatre paraphernalia was given away when individuals signed up for Rose of Athens' Kroger rewards, and a free ticket to “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” was won through answering trivia questions about the show. Finally, the team has begun to spotlight the actors through Facebook. The group is making sure to appeal to various consumers through a variety of techniques.

The Clarke County Mentor Program team is progressing the organization through two campaigns. They are in the process of an initiative that is based around the statement “I mentor because _________.” Photos and videos will be featured alongside the fill-in-the-blank answers offered by mentors on the organization's social media platform. The program will hopefully allow the audience to engage and send in their own video or photo with their answer on social media. Additionally, they are employing the #ThankYouCCSD hashtag to show appreciation to the Clarke County School District. Photos will display participating schools on social media as well to continue good relations between the program and schools.

Lastly, the Plain Jane Designs team has created giveaways and contests, which engage consumers. The most recent was a Spring Break-themed cooler giveaway on Instagram. This is due to the team's research to find out what the store's Instagram followers desire to see on the account. It allows engagement, while exhibiting the merchandise available for purchase.

The three teams' strategies are just the start of the creative tactics being implemented by Creative Consultants' students. Next year's could have a whole new perspective on what works and what doesn't for ever-evolving social media platforms.

About Creative Consultants
Creative Consultants, the University of Georgia's only student-run public relations agency, is affiliated with the Public Relations Student Society of America Drewry Chapter. The agency offers hands-on communications experience for over 50 staff members across a variety of academic disciplines.

Date: April 1, 2015
Author:  Abby Bergquist,