Travel – In State

1) Grady In-State Travel Authority Form:

Must be completed, signed by Department Head, and submitted to the Business office no later than 3 BUSINESS DAYS prior to travel.

* Be sure to provide the hotel with both forms completed Hotel Excise Tax Exempt and GA Sales Tax Exemption when you check-in if you are lodging at a hotel during in-state travel.

* Rates of importance:

Current mileage rate

In-state travel per diems information

2) Travel Expense Statement:

Complete, print, and submit with ORIGINAL receipts to the Business Office no later than 2 weeks after returning from travel.

*Travel must exceed 12 hours in order to be eligible for meal reimbursement

*In-state per diem maximums (First/Last day of travel 75% of per diem)


– Do NOT include on TES meals purchased for anyone other than yourself – these MUST be reimbursed separately as Entertainment (see Entertainment page).

– If meals/lodging exceed per diem rate, please note the reason on appropriate line and include ORIGINAL, ITEMIZED receipt

*Lodging ex: lodged at conference hotel to reduce ground transportation costs, lodged at best price hotel in the area

*Meals ex: high cost area, no restaurants in close proximity to the hotel offered meals within per diem limits

– Hotel receipt must show a ZERO balance

– Please only include room expense under lodging – all other hotel charges (phone, internet, meals, etc.) need to be itemized under miscellaneous on the TES. Note: there should be NO TAX charged on your in-state lodging bill if you submitted both forms Hotel Excise Tax Exempt and GA Sales Tax Exemption at check-in.

Certificates of Exemption

For overnight in-state travel, all employees are required to carry both the Certificate of Exemption of Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax and the Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption. We will no longer reimburse for the sales tax or excise tax on in-state lodging.
Darian Williams
Phone: 706-542-5005


1. Certificate of Exemption of Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax:
2. GA Sales Tax Certificate of Exemption:

These certificates should be filled out and given to the in-state hotel upon arrival so that sales tax and excise tax will not be charged during your stay.