Jooyoung Kim

Executive Director, Business and Public Communication Fellows Program

Professor of Advertising, Dan Magill Georgia Athletic Association Professor or


Bryan Reber

Supervising Director, Business and Public Communication Fellows Program

C. Richard Yarbrough Professor in Crisis Communication Leadership


Tudor Vlad

Director of the Cox International Center

Senior Research Scientist, Journalism


Apply to the Business and Public Communication Fellowship Program

To apply, send the following to the director of the program, Dr. Jooyoung Kim, at

  1. Cover letter stating your purpose of joining the program and research plan.
  2. Resume (include your current affiliation information, job experiences, education, and any notable awards or publications.)

There is no deadline for application. Applications can be accepted throughout the year, but it is strongly recommended that the prospective fellow apply at least three months before his or her planned start date. Invitation decision is normally made in two weeks after receiving a complete application.

For more information regarding application and program fee, contact us at

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