Best practices and future trends discussed in Grady Centennial Weekend Panels

An integral part of the Grady College Centennial Celebration in April 2015 was hosting not only the celebratory receptions and dinner, but also tapping into Grady’s vast resources to discuss the past, present and future.

While the showcase Today’s Students/Tomorrow’s Opportunities highlighted the current projects that Grady’s students are exploring, two panels looked at the past and future of journalism and communication.  Both panels took place at the Special Collections Library, and are now available for viewing.

Reflecting on the past and illustrating best practices was the focus of “Pulitzer Prize Winning Practices: Advice for Young Journalists,” which was co-sponsored by Grady College and the Red & Black.  All of the panelists were either Grady College alumni or Red & Black reporters, and four went on to win the coveted Pulitzer Prize for their work after graduating from UGA.  The panelists included Brad Schrade, Deborah Blum (ABJ '76), Randall Savage (ABJ '72) and Jack Crosby (ABJ '83).  Carrol Dadisman (ABJ '56) also served on the panel and read excerpts of published advice from Eugene Patterson (ABJ '43).  Patterson won a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1967.  The panel was moderated by Greg Bluestein (ABJ '04) of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Samira Jafari (ABJ '02) of CNN.

A look toward the next 100 years of journalism and communication was the theme of the inaugural Don E. Carter Conversation panel, named for the 1938 graduate who recently funded the college's first endowment of a departmental mission.   The Carter Conversation featured industry thought leaders Fred Cook of Golin, Jeff Gregor of Turner and Tony Maddox of CNN International and was facilitated by Chuck Reece (ABJ ’94) of The Bitter Southerner.


Date: May 13, 2015
Author:  Sarah Freeman,