“Put yourself out there and constantly stay engaged because you never know where you will end up. It can open up the greatest opportunitiesZane Landin (2021)

Zane Landin is currently a Universe Public Engagement Intern at NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and a Public Relations Intern at the PRSA Foundation. He is an undergraduate student at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Zane has been involved in several organizations like PRSSA, Lambda Pi Eta, and different disability organizations. He started his own digital magazine dedicated to positivity, mental health, and self-care. He works with publicists and public relations agencies. From this experience, he has networked with influencers and experts. He is building his own public relations agency and career coaching business. Zane is incredibly passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, especially when it comes to the disability community. As a minority student with different intersectional identities, it can be difficult to find programs or opportunities.  ADPR Academy is a unique chance for students of diverse backgrounds to meet and interact with peers and mentors in the advertising and public relations industries. He learned so much and it is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the different paths one can take in these industries.


“Make sure you are networking, not only to get a job but to get tips and advice that they can give you to get to where they are now.” Favour Nwachukwu (2018)

Favour Nwachukwu is an Organizational Communications Specialist for GE Aviation, her first full time position after graduating from Emory University in 2019. AdPR Academy gave her an inside view on the different areas of communications such as advertising, public relations, and social media. The Academy allowed her to see the behind the scenes of the field and the people responsible for certain advertisements she was familiar with, ultimately helping her decide what she wanted to do next. These two components of the program made her transition into the communications field easier. Favour’s advice for current students is two-fold for 1) career prep and 2) actual career. Regarding career prep, she recommends to have your LinkedIn profile fully populated and updated, and network. When in your job, she advises to always be a lifelong learner, and not be afraid to speak up. In her role as an organizational communications specialist she is part of the internal communications team and the community relations team. She is thankful to AdPR Academy for allowing her to explore the different career paths within the communications field and network with professionals.

“Don’t wait for permission. The path that lies ahead of you is going to be driven by you now.” –Orlando Pimental (2017)

Orlando Pimental is a Research Associate at Hart Research Associates located in Washington, DC. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2017, he entered the creative space. He transitioned into research after discovering that the creative path was not fulfilling his desires of being able to tell stories. He credits AdPR Academy with allowing him to put his education into practice and get an idea for how it is in the field. Additionally, the Academy built his confidence in being among professionals and allowed him to see professionals that looked like him. He advises current students to be a good teammate, do not wait for permission, and if it challenges you it will make you grow. Orlando encourages being easy to work with by being cooperative, making opportunities for yourself, and pushing yourself forward. At Orlando’s current job he manages and fields surveys for a variety of clients ranging from the political space to nonprofits to social advocacy to private companies. Being a research associate allows him to tell stories executing his own vision rather than executing the vision of others. His ultimate career goal is to apply his skills to lead teams in making strategic decisions.


Treajour Abrams, Contract Communications Specialist, Freelance, 2017 Alumna

“Confidence is half the battle when entering a new workplace or during an interview.” Treajour Abrams (2017)

Treajour Abrams is a Media Sales Traffic Coordinator for Charter Communications. She graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in 2017. AdPR Academy helped build her confidence as a young professional. The Academy created the space for her to have insightful conversations with veterans in the industry and gained a well-rounded knowledge about advertising and PR. These two components of the program made her transition into the workplace easier. Treajour’s advice for current students is to take advantage of the new roles that are being created in the industry and to find someone who has fulfilled a role you desire. Seek these professionals out and build a relationship. Her first full-time role as a traffic specialist taught her about orders, commercial spots and rules, TV zone, scheduling the spots and how to bill the clients. She is thankful to AdPR Academy for allowing her to grow professionally and start her career with valuable relationships and skills.