The Academy will continue to host a cohort of at least 30 students with exclusive programming to satisfy requirements for certification and make available dynamic live and on-demand content accessible to any diverse college student across the country.

For 2022, we will offer cohort participation both in-person in Atlanta and online.

Students accepted into the cohort will be required to participate in a series of virtual activities. All activities must be completed to receive the Certificate of Completion from the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Grady College at University of Georgia. The activities include:

  • Cohort bootcamp: the cohort will experience high quality, skill development trainings from industry professionals.
  • Cohort networking opportunities: the cohort will be divided by teams for an exclusive virtual morning meeting with an industry professional. Teams will only be required to participate one morning out of the week.
  • Capstone campaign project: the cohort will be divided into teams to work on a corporate or nonprofit challenge. Teams will determine how to divide and complete the work beyond scheduled activities.

2022 Curriculum

Understanding the Possibilities

There is a place where you can exercise creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. Explore advertising and public relations career opportunities and discover where your career path can take you.

Identifying the Solutions

A campaign that seeks to solve a pressing business challenge for a corporation or nonprofit organization must be backed by a solid plan. This series of courses will guide students through the planning process with a focus on how to effectively determine goals and objectives, identify the target audience and explore the consumer journey.

Talking with Consumers

What, why and how you resonate with consumers takes finesse. This course will outline the creative aspects of message development including “concepting”, writing techniques, and message creation.

Reaching Consumers

The toolbox for AdPR professionals provides a variety of options for how to connect with consumers. Which pathway makes the most sense – media, events, film, or social media and which will generate the most return on investment? This series of courses will expose participants to the paid-earned-shared and owned framework.

Engaging Consumers and Measuring Results

Engaging consumers? In a world of Big Data, KPIs and scorecards, measurement and evaluation can’t be anecdotal or informal. How do you know if your campaign accomplished its intended goal?

Celebrating Success

You made it to the end of the week and now it is time to showcase what you have learned and to acknowledge what your team has accomplished. Participants will present their capstone projects to a panel of judges and top campaigns will be recognized at the celebration event.