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2021 in Review: Student Successes

Editor’s Note: This is part of our  five-part series highlighting stories produced by Grady College in 2021. The features includes three stories in each of the following subjects:
  • Student Successes
  • Faculty Honors
  • College Headlines
  • Research & Grants
  • Service & Partnerships
This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but instead highlight a sample of just a few of the more than 210 stories about accomplishments by our students, faculty/staff and alumni.
We invite you to visit our Grady College News page for a full list of features posted in 2021. 

Our students are creators and innovators. Their work in storytelling and strategy is already reaching audiences and influencing society.

Student highlights for the year include:

Learn more about our student successes in two of our student profile series: Profiles of Tenacity and InternViews. 

Date: December 27, 2021
Author:  Dayne Young,  dayne@uga.edu