L-R: New Strategic Health & Risk Communications Certificate, the announcement of the Carmical Sports Media Institute and the expansion of the Cox Institute.

2021 in Review: College News

Editor’s Note: This is part of our  five-part series highlighting stories produced by Grady College in 2021. The features includes three stories in each of the following subjects:
  • Student Successes
  • Faculty Honors
  • College Headlines
  • Research & Grants
  • Service & Partnerships
This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but instead highlight a sample of just a few of the more than 210 stories about accomplishments by our students, faculty/staff and alumni.
We invite you to visit our Grady College News page for a full list of features posted in 2021. 

Our College continues to expand and grow to best serve our students for an ever-changing world and workforce.

Date: December 29, 2021
Author:  Dayne Young,  dayne@uga.edu