Prague, Czech Republic

Travel to Prague, Czech Republic and be immersed in an exciting travel-writing course that focuses on subjects that are both timeless and timely. Learn to develop strong stories for print and the web, how to pitch articles to editors and other practical tools needed to work in the field.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel to Copenhagen, Denmark for an exhilarating and immersive experience of Travel Journalism!

Travel journalism has three distinct qualities: emphasis on cultural awareness; ambition to provide depth or insight beyond the surface; and complexity of theme, material, and structure within a specific place and with a specific people. While being immersed in Denmark, we will explore a range of techniques that travel journalists use to discover and verify information, to tell stories, and to engage audiences.

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More Domestic Field Study & Study Abroad Opportunities

Learn more about Grady College’s domestic field study and study abroad programs, and also find information about other Grady courses taught abroad. If you have any questions, contact Rebekah R. Seabolt, Grady College’s Global Studies Program Manager, at, 706-542-4181, Office 255- Journalism Building.

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