Grady L.A. is a summer internship/study program in Los Angeles. Students will spend 8 weeks in Los Angeles working as interns for companies in the entertainment industry. In addition, they will take Entertainment and Media Studies courses for a combined total of 6 credit hours.

Each week, students will be introduced to guest speakers including studio executives, animators, directors, screenwriters, agents, and other key industry players. In addition, students will tour various studio and production facilities in Los Angeles to gain an insider’s perspective into the industry.

Program Dates

Arrive Saturday, June 3.

Begin internships on Monday, June 5. Internships end on Friday, July 28.

Move out of apartments and head home on Saturday, July 29.

Program Fees

Students are responsible for two sets of fees on all field studies programs. The program tuition, for six credit hours of study (3 internship, 3 Industry Studies course) are billed to your UGA student account with appropriate university fees. If you are a HOPE recipient, these funds will be applied to your tuition costs.

The program fee is a separate fee that covers the costs of attendance on the Grady LA program. This includes eight weeks of housing in fully-furnished apartments, a series of program events, including a networking function with Grady and UGA alumni.

The most current program fee information can be found in the Go Abroad Portal, where students will complete their application. Fees can fluctuate based on program expenses, but generally stay nearly the same year to year. For additional questions, please speak to Program Coordinator Rebekah Ryan at 706-542-4181 or (