AdPR students earn scholarships from Publicis Health and Publicis Media

Two groups of AdPR students this past summer had opportunities to complete projects for Publicis Health and Publicis Media and present their findings domestically and abroad.

At the UGA Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity study abroad program in June, four students—Daniella Grinzaid, Srishti Mishra, Sierra Romeo and Hawk Young—were selected to participate in a program with Publicis Media and Moxie.  They prepared and gave a presentation to Publicis agency professionals in Cannes about a theme they saw at the festival that really had an impact on them.

“The most challenging aspect of working on the project was all down to the logistics,” said Mishra, a senior advertising major from Alpharetta, Georgia. “Figuring out how to articulate our main points, coordinating our cues and making sure we were all in sync were the most difficult parts.”

The students each received a $500 scholarship for their efforts.  They also had a second opportunity in August to present their observations at Moxie in Atlanta during a boot camp for Grady College faculty.

Ahead of the festival in June, five students—Na’im Carlyle, Erin Shattles, Hawk Young and Grace Zeitlin from Grady College, and Shane Brennan from Virginia Commonwealth University—were selected through a competitive process to participate in a program with Publicis Health.

These students were assigned mentors from Publicis Health who helped the students navigate the Health Lions portion of the festival, attended several sessions with them and provided expert advice on entering the industry.  These students were then tasked with preparing a presentation about trends they noticed at Cannes Lions and key insights to later share in July with all of the Publicis Health summer interns in New York City. They earned scholarships in addition to their funded trip to NYC.

Shattles, a public relations senior from Americus, Georgia, said she really enjoyed getting to know her mentor through the process. “It was super inspiring and such an incredible opportunity to have been paired with someone in the industry who was so obviously passionate about what he does.”

Shattles is thankful she had the opportunity to network with professionals in Cannes and NYC.

“At first, I was super nervous and a bit intimidated knowing that I was going to be surrounded by these professionals,” she said. “However, I learned very quickly that they are so cool and easy to talk to. It makes a difference, too, being in a field that you love. Communicating with those who are passionate about some of the same things you are makes a difference as well. This experience showed me a whole different side of networking and got me super pumped for my future!”

Tom Reichert, head of AdPR, lined up the opportunities. Professors Karen King and Jeff Springston advised the health group and King also worked with the media group.

“We are proud of the great job these students did on both these projects,” King said. “The Publicis Health group expressed interest in doing this again next year. Many thanks to Publicis Health and Publicis Media for giving this opportunity to the teams.”